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Straight Hell – Submission training video

Submission gay bondage lessons, handcuffed and shackled, virgin arsehole strongly fingered, trained to suck dick, two dicks shoved down his tight throat simultaneously that is what you’ll see in this fresh straight hell video.
Bryan has a very warm set up. He is a married guy who’s anxiously waited on hand and feet, spends his nights drinking and whoring after that expects to obtain a blow job from his wife before going to sleep. It is time he learned his straighthell lesson by being signed up for a mandatory rigorous course that has him into submission. Used with being feared and reputed, this time, this hot shot Bryan is educated to listen and obey having his tight and round arsehole destroyed and dicks shoved down his tight throat. Here he is changed from alpha male to sniveling obedient whore.

Well what can we say, this superb video has everything you can possibly want to see and that just makes it great. Brian may be a new addition to the team, but he’s no push over. Sit back and watch him as he gets to have that nice and round butt of his worked today. The scene begins with him being made to suck some nice and hard cock, and of course he does a marvelous job to get his master’s cock nice and hard for this scene. Then you get to see him bent over as the other guys take turns to fuck his ass and blow their loads all over it. We hope that you enjoyed your stay and do check out the past updates that we had here as well for some more amazing scenes! Also you might enter the site and see some hot t girls getting their asses stretched!

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StraightHell – Charlton’s forced anal banging

Posh student straighthell Charlton is worried about his wits procuring drugs the very first time. Therefore when Straight Hell stud Colin ties him and rams his penis down his tight craving throat, the rich fellow is in no situation to fight back. Fucking machines, bondage torture, caning, forced rough anal sex, beating and a face full of urine is the name of the game for this scene and we’re betting that you will enjoy every minute and second of this nice and fresh video today. We decided to mix it up from the regular and bland picture galleries and we’re fairly certain that you will enjoy the change as well. And rest assured there will be more in the future.

The cameras start rolling, and if you can’t recognize him, today you have to deal with Charlton once more. Well it seems that his ass was in need for some more nice and hard ass fucking, and Colin was here for the job. HE ties up Charlton once more and you get to see him prepare that tight ass for the nice and deep fucking that follows. And then watch as Colin takes that naughty ass from behind with his mighty cock for a nice and deep fucking today. You get to see Charlton moan in pleasure as Colin fucks his ass balls deep, and he also blows his load all over Charlton’s ass in the end of this video!

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StraightHell Mo

Arrogant homophobic straighthell Mo believes he is got what is required to be a stuntman… however when he cannot even break free from an easy rope tie, he’s plunged into a world of abuse and humiliation. Using whips and other devices of pain, the Straight Hell forces this muscular Scottish guy to intimately serve them with his fingers, mouth and ass. Fucking machine, flogging, abuse, caning, forced fuck, forced jerk-off and some nice and hot images of nice jizz-eating, whipping and electrocution. Well we know that you must be really eager to see this stud get his ass drilled for this update and let us assure you it’s quite a sight to see as the naughty guy gets his tight ass fucked!

Like we said, you get to see him tied up nicely, and you can also see his balls getting tied up and pulled on with a rope. And now that he was all tied up it was time for the machine to do it’s magic. Watch as his butthole gets oiled and lubed for easy entry, and see the dildo penetrating his tight ass. Enjoy as the dude starts to moan in pleasure as the machine start working stretching up that nice and tight ass of his for this afternoon. Sit back and relax as this stud gets his naughty ass fucked deep and fast by the machine and see him blow his own load by the end as well as he cums!straighthell-mo

Watch this straight man tortured by a fucking machine!

Gay bondage gallery

Kevin has lost his cash on the horses and we have offered him an exclusive game of straighthell texas holdem to win some funds back. However the scrawny lad isn’t a match for our brutish power – and after examining his arse, we shag it, whip his sensitive feet, chance him into a human dog and making him consume our urine.
Forced fingering, fucking machine,  dog training, butt plug, forced urine drinking, spanking is what you’ll find in this straight hell fresh gay bondage gallery. Kevin has also been a very very naughty man slut and he also gets to take part in a nice and rough punishment session with his master for this afternoon. You get to see and enjoy another amazing and hot BDSM scene with some horny studs displaying their superb bodies for you guys today.


Well since Kevin decided that it was a good idea to talk back to his master, the dude decided to teach him a lesson in submission. And so for this nice gallery he gets to be all tied  up and have his ass punished harshly by the other guy. Sit back and watch him starting of with a nice feet whipping and then watch the dude make his way up to Kevin’s naughty little ass. You get to see Kevin as he actually enjoys the hard style treatment that he gets for his naughty little butt. Sit back and enjoy this ass whipping gallery today and do come back next week for some more amazing and hot galleries.

Look at Kevin getting tied up and abused by a nasty guy!

Straight Hell – Harry gets tied up and anally abused

When Harry sees the straight hell team flashing cash, he agrees to permit us spank him for the money. He has simply no idea what he is letting himself set for.The straighthell team beat him right up until he bawls, turn him to a dog making him lick Stan’s toes and consume dog food, screw his ass, force him to lick Stan’s ass until he pukes, and the he takes a hard screwing. Fucking machine, abuse, bastinado, BDSM, electrocution, spanking, forced foot sucking, forced sex, forced cock sucking, rimming, butt plugged. if you like seeing teen guys getting abused and humiliated have a look inside fraternity x and enjoy the free galleries available there. So let’s get this sexy hunk’s show on the road without due today.

Again we had a very very naughty guy that has to be taken care of by two guys in this nice scene. Watch as he gets tied up and with his legs in the air, and see that nice and round butt of his spanked nicely first as he needs to be punished. Then the real show starts off as the guys prepare their cocks to make this guy moan in pleasure. And as you will observe they leave him hanging in the same position as they get to have easy access to his nice butt. Watch him getting anally fucked hard style for this afternoon and enjoy seeing his tight ass pleased in turns by the other guys and their rock hard dicks!


See this straight dude getting tied up and anally shagged!

StraightHell – Dave drinking piss

We have made military hardman Dave into our StraightHell slave – and he is been fixed into an urinal in a rich straight night club..He must swallow down the urine of every man who wishes to use him – even blowing one straight male cocks. Then this harmed slave is made to lick the guy’s piss off their filfthy shoes, just before being banged by Stan before this crowd. Abuse, piss consuming, cbt, bdsm, spanking, forced sex and forced cocksucking. Well Dave was quite the naughty little man slut, and his masters just had to teach him a lesson in obedience. And so for today he gets the urine treatment as you can clearly see.


Another fresh week started and we decided that this stud would be perfect for the nice galleries that we usually bring you. So let’s all sit back and watch this hunk in action as he gets to have himself humiliated at the hands of the two other studs. Watch him getting tied up, and see as he gets hooked up to the piss mask as they like to call it. And then watch the other two guys as they piss in the urinal feeding their piss directly into this guy’s tube that of course goes to his mouth. Enjoy seeing him drinking the warm yellow liquid and have fun everyone. We’ll be back next week with more amazing scenes just for you to see!

See this military guy drinking warm piss in a public toilet!

Gay Bondage Lessons

Carl from straight hell videos believes he is going to meet his online sweetheart and get laid the very first time. However the only sex this guy’s getting is my cock in his hairy arse. In this straighthell gay bondage lessons we systematically abused every part of his sexy body – including shagging him with a fucking device, caning his poor feet, jerking him and making him consume every single drop of his own cum. Screwing machine, abuse, bondage, nipple torture, paddling, forced intercourse, forced cocksucking, gagged, forced jerk-off. That’s what you can get to see in this simply superb and sexy update that we bring for you in this nice and fresh update everyone. So let’s get started.

This guy should have thought about this thing better before he said that he’d like to sample the more hard style treatment today. As you will see, he was in for a whole different BDSM experience, but in the end he quite enjoyed it. Sit back and watch his master tie him up nicely, and then see him pull out a nice dildo mounted on a small jack hammer. And then see it getting to be used on this stud’s nice and tight ass to loosen him up a bit for his master’s cock. You get to see him take his nice and deep anal fuck as his master bends him over and makes sure to fuck him anally nice and hard. Enjoy seeing him moan in pleasure this afternoon and do come back next time guys!

gay-bondage-lessons gay-bondage-lessons-ass-fuck

Watch this straight guy abused with a fucking machine!

Guy StraightHell

Locked in stocks, bare handed spanking, flogged, shagged with a vibrating large dildo, forced to swallow a fat cock till he chokes, spit roasted, face and arse covered in jizz. We went medieval on guy straighthell ass locking him into stocks in only his white underwear. Adrian verbally abuses him and exposing his bushy asshole. His arse burns up a painful red out of Adrian’s persistent hard flogging. The guys then team fucking this straight arse, making him try out their filthy dicks after they shagged him up his tight asshole. It made us so naughty seeing his poor face twist away in repugnance as our guy straight hell perverted fellows cover him with sperm. So let’s see this stud in action shall we?

 guy-straighthell guy-straighthell-abuse

The cameras start to roll, and the first thing that you get to see is this guy as he gets to be put in the device bent over and his naughty ass in full display. The two guys getting to have fun with his body go to work immediately and have no qualms about using a bit of force. Watch him take a nice and hard style spanking first and foremost. Then watch him suck some cock as one of the dudes gets to penetrate his tight ass with a nice and big dildo. Of course he soon drops the toy and just gets to fucking his ass with his big and rock hard cock. So sit back and enjoy this stud as he moans in pleasure of the special treatment that he gets for this afternoon. Bye bye everyone!

Check out this poor slave receiving his punishment!

Straight Hell Charlton

Posh student straight hell Charlton is afraid out of his wits procuring drugs the very first time. Therefore when StraightHell top Colin ties him and rams his cock down his tight throat, the rich dude is in no situation to fight back.
Fucking machine, bondage torture, caning, forced rough sex, suspension, beating and a face full of urine in this fresh and sexy gallery. Charlton is a pretty sexy stud and we’re sure that you guys will also enjoy his gallery today as you get to see him naked too, and that delicious body of his just begs for a harsh treatment. So let’s get this sexy show of his on the road and enjoy the show shall we?

As the scene starts, the cameras show off this stud as he gets bound by his master and the guy makes sure to have him tied up nice and tight. Watch closely as he then gets to receive a nice and hard ass punishing treatment too. And after the dude was done with spanking his naughty ass, he whips out that cock and Charlton gets on his knees to start sucking on that big dick. Watch him use his juicy and expert lips to please the cock of his master for this scene and have fun with it. We know we sure had fun filming it and by the end Charlton was very happy with the result too. We’ll see you again soon everyone and we’ll have some more fresh content for you guys to see.


Watch this dude taking a beating that he truly enjoys!

StraightHell Nicholas

Tied up naked and ballgagged, ass flogged, bastinado, verbally and mentally tortured, shagged with a large dildo lubed with his personal gob. StraightHell Nicholas is a straight dominating gentleman who loves to take care. Therefore being restricted by his wrists and legs to the wall totally naked without being capable of deal with the problem is pure mental torture. Dave from straight hell videos viciously teases this poor guy and flogs him until angry red welts show up on his skin. He hits him like an animal till his body is dripping with perspiration and spit pours from his mouth. When he is fully destroyed and just looking at us with pleading eyes as we shove a dildo up his ass while Adrian hugs and kisses this poor dude such as tenderest of lovers.

 straighthell-nicholas straighthell-nicholas-takes-a-beat

Either way for today you get to sit back and enjoy watching this stud as he gets his sexy body abused and taken advantage of for the whole afternoon today. We’re fairly sure that you will enjoy this nice gallery with him and let’s just say that we intend to bring mister Nicholas once more here in the future. Well anyway, just sit back and watch him getting that naughty ass of his spanked and whipped for this afternoon and enjoy his superb gallery of images. We will be coming back next week like usual with some more amazing and sexy image collections just for you guys!

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