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StraightHell – Lukas

In this straighthell gallery update, a fresh recruit named Lukas is put through what our guys call the gauntlet to see if he has what it takes. So for this one our guys thoroughly punished his tight ass for the whole afternoon. And yes that included spanking, some ass whipping and a big dildo up the ass. Until next time, enjoy everyone. Bye-Bye for now but do take your time to enjoy seeing one stud as he gets to have some nice and big toys stuck up his nice and tight ass today. So let’s see him in action without delay today shall we?


Like we said, his name is Lukas and he was all ready and eager to have his nice and fine ass prodded by some big sex toys today. Sit back and watch that naughty ass of his getting spanked, and see his cock and balls clipped with some clippers too. And then of course you get to see a nice and big dildo shoved nice and deep in his fine and tight ass today too. Take the time to see him moaning in pleasure with the toy up his ass and enjoy the whole scene today guys and gals. We’ll see you again next week with some more!

Watch here Lukas getting his ass roughly punished!

Rough Treatment

This this update straighthell brings you a pair of guys that are about to receive some rough and hard punishment. The two of them have got caught together talking back to their superiors, and they’re going to learn the hard way that that’s not the way to treat your higher ups. So until the next update, we really do hope you enjoy this one. And rest assured that there’s quite plenty to see when these four guys are involved. So let’s not waste the time to see some more of your favorite studs in action fucking nice and hard all day long.

You have gotten to see them in action in the past in the same predicament and it seems that they found themselves in the same boat once more. Take the time to enjoy seeing the superb scene today and do enjoy it. You get to watch the two studs all tied up and their cute asses whipped. And after that a nice and big double dildo arrives and it’s put in both their asses today. Watch them spend their time taking that nice anal pounding and enjoy this superb scene. We’ll be seeing you soon with some more fresh updates!


See these naughty guys receiving a rough treatment!

Straight Hell – Toby in hardcore BDSM

Another fresh week and time to see another hot and sexy hunk getting around to have his nice and hot body treated harshly as he has his first time experience with some hard BDSM sessions. Well he was safe by the end of it all as you can imagine he didn’t get hurt, but this guy just loves to get off when he has a dom treating him harshly. So let’s take the time to watch him at play and enjoy seeing him experiencing some pain and pleasure at the same time this nice and fresh afternoon shall we everyone?

The cameras start to roll and you can watch him getting undressed first like most of the guys here. Then he gets securely tied up to some beams so that he cannot move and the show starts properly. His dick and balls get teased as well and there was some hot was dripping on his cock for that extra pain. And meanwhile all of this was going down, his nice and tight ass was getting fucked nice and deep by a nice and big hard dildo too. So enjoy it and do check out the previous scenes as well to watch some more superb straight guys in gay action!


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Double dildo fun

Hey there once more guys and gals and welcome back to a all new and hot scene today as usual. This week we prepared for you quite the amazing scene to see and we bet that you will love it. You get to see two straight guys as they get punished by two older guys for being naughty. And their sentence for today? It’s to be fucked in the ass by using a nice and big sex toy. But that was just one part of the whole scene. So let’s sit back, relax and see more to the point what these two guys were in for this nice afternoon shall we?


First off, the two guys are made to take off their clothes and they sure took their sweet time with it. Well after that they get tied up with their hands in the air and you get to watch those naughty and sexy asses getting a good spanking and whipping as well to tenderize them. And after that in turn, you will get to watch the two of them getting put on all fours with their asses facing one another. That’s the queue for the toy to come into play and you can enjoy seeing these two fucked nice and hard by the double dildo today!

 Have fun watching these guys sharing a huge dildo!

Straight guys getting gangbanged

Today’s superb and hot straight hell video galleries update has one special treat for you. This week we basically bring you two scenes in one as you are about to see a group of wild guys having some extra fun for you. And both of them are just too good to pass up on seeing today. Let’s get this show on the road and see lots and lots of guys having some group action for this afternoon just for your viewing pleasure and the cameras. So let’s get this started to see them in action already shall we everyone?

The first scene has four guys getting to have their fun in the showers and you get to see them all get horny and kinky as soon as they get to see each other naked. That part has lots and lots of groping and caressing as the guys took their time to play with one another’s nice and big hard cocks. And of course they took the time to do some anal fucking in the end too. The second part has the same guys but in another place and as always, one guy has to end up on the receiving end of it all. Watch them fuck him too and have fun!


Have fun watching these straight guys getting fucked!

Straight Hell – Horny Lee

Well here we are again with one more new and fresh update for you. We know that you just adore seeing some hot hunks all tied up and fucked and today we bring you the nice and cute stud named Lee. He had as much fun as another stud named John got to have in a previous week and you just have to see that guy in action too. Well you can rest assured that Lee is up to the task of surpassing the said stud with his scene for today as well and dare we say it’s even more impressive. So do take your time to enjoy this one as you are about to see one nice and hard style gay fuck fest for this afternoon with this dude getting nailed all day long.


He and his buddy make a bet at the gym and it seems that he lost. So since the stake for the loser was to give up his ass to the other two, he had to strip. Take your time to see him putting on a nice little strip show as well as he presents his nude body and then watch his buddies doing a great job to tie him up nice and tight too. You get to see one of the guys planting his cock in his mouth and enjoying a nice and long oral session. Meanwhile the other guy takes his time to prep his ass with a nice finger fucking before his mighty cock goes in all the way to the balls too. So enjoy it as usual and see you next time with new and fresh scenes everyone!

 Have fun watching this guy getting her mouth fucked!

Kristijan in hardcore BDSM

This week’s new straight hell scene beings you the first time BDSM fuck scene of the sexy stud named Kris. Today he’s in good hands though as this older bald dude knows everything that he needs to do in order to make him feel amazing for the afternoon. So let’s take the time to see the stud getting into his nice scene and seeing him fucked nice and hard for this superb afternoon today shall we? We can guarantee that you will adore the sight of this scene and rest assured that he loved it too.

You get to see the older more experienced guy as he gets around to penetrate that nice and tight ass with his cock, but not before he ties up this nice stud first. And he also secures his cock and balls with a deice too. After he was done with the restraining of the guy, you get to watch him prep fuck Kris’s ass with a nice dildo and his masterful hands. And after all that, you will get to see the guy going to town on that nice and sexy ass as he fucks it nice and deep with his hard cock. Enjoy everyone!


 Enjoy watching this guy getting his ass stuffed with toys!

Straight guy John getting nailed

Another fresh week and time to see another superb and sexy update once more. And since you guys just loved seeing some sexy studs getting double penetrated, today we have another such scene with the sexy and cute stud John getting himself in between two other studs that will work out his holes quite nicely this afternoon. So let’s not waste anymore time as we know that you are eager to get to see what went down more in detail. So let’s get the show started and see the action on the road today!

john-double-teamed When the scene starts off, you can see that these dudes were going to go at it in the depot this afternoon. The two other guys had their eyes on this other stud for quite a while and it seems that today they finally decided to have some fun with his nice ass. Sit back and watch them tying him up nicely first and foremost and then see them taking turns to alternate between fucking his ass nice and deep and having his juicy lips around their nice and big hard cocks as well. Take the time to see it all and do come back next week for more as usual everyone. See you next week!

Enjoy watching this guy getting his ass and mouth fucked!

Straight Hell – Johan getting double teamed

This week it’s time to see some more hard style BDSM banging in the new scene. In this scene you get to see the superb stud Johan as he gets to be manhandled by two much bigger guys with larger cocks as they were looking forward to fucking a nice and tight little ass for this afternoon. Also do check out Billy’s scene as well for some more hot and sexy treatments just like Johan gets to experience this afternoon too. Anyway, let’s come back to our bunch of horny and hot guys and let’s see them at play for this afternoon as they sure had the time of their life fucking hard style. So let’s get the show started and on the road.

Enjoy watching Johan making his entry followed by the other two. He knows he’s going to be on the receiving end for all of this but he doesn’t mind it as he will get to enjoy the other’s nice and hard cocks without delay today. Watch them tying him up and then suspending him in the air, and you can also see them teasing his nice and hard cock a bit too. Then one of them takes him from behind and plants his huge cock in his ass, while the other has him sucking off on his dick too. Enjoy seeing this hot stud penetrated in both holes that he has available today and see him enjoying it too. We will be back next week with some more scenes for you as well!


 See as this guy gets suspended and fucked in every hole!

Hardcore bondage and fuck

Today we have more new and fresh scenes to show off as usual with more horny guys and we just have to show them off. You get to see two more studs engaging in some nice and kinky BDSM fucking and you will just adore seeing them in action today. Watch and enjoy this scene as you get to see this muscled stud fuck his more slender buddy after he ties him up nicely. He intends to have his way with him all afternoon long and you can bet that the little man slut adored it too. So let the cameras roll and let’s see them at play today shall we?


The scene starts like we said, with the guy on the receiving end getting himself tied up by his fuck buddy. Enjoy seeing the muscled stud doing a great job to tie him up nice and tight and then see him putting some clamps on his balls and cock. Then his ass gets penetrated nice and deep by a nice and big dildo and you just have to see the guy enjoying the anal teasing. But that was not all as he also got to suck and slurp on that hard cock for this nice scene too. Take your time with it as we’ll be waiting for you right here next week too!

 Enjoy watching as this guy gets tied up and face fucked!

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