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Fucking Deserve It

It’s gotta be straighthell for this poor guy. Just look at him getting his ass whipped and fucked in this hardcore gay sex scene. If you want to be a slave it comes with a price and that means that your master can do anything he wants with you. And a lot of things can happen when one guy has that much power over you. If you guys like this you can check out to see more hunk getting their asses fucked in hardcore gay scenes. But let’s get back to our submissive slave and at his mean master. The guy was undressed, tied and then left there to wait until the master made his mind about what he wants to try out today.

We can only imagine how hard that waiting must have been, not knowing what was about to happen next to you. Surely it wasn’t a pleasent feeling and the guy had all the reasons to be worried. His master didn’t have any mercy on him or his ass and started by whipping his ass and didn’t stop until it was red. The master continued with fucking his ass and stretching his hole to the limits. We told you he didn’t have any mercy on his ass and we were right. You can check it all out in the gallery below and until next time make sure you check out some of the older updates as well. Enjoy it!

Fucking Deserve It

Take a look at this guy getting his ass drilled!

StraightHell Billy

Firmly roped to a office chair Billy is not going anywhere. Adrian from StraightHell smacks his mouth with pleasure when he sees there’s a hole made at the base of that chair leaving Billy’s arse vulnerable to intrusion. Havin hid foreskin clamped and hanging to the roof Billy cannot move without causing himself severe pain. The straight guy receives strict cock services training and suffocated with Straight Hell Dave’s ass planted tightly on his face. After that bound on a bed mattress this boy’s excellent arse is fully open for severe screwing and abuse.

Well let’s not delay any longer guys and gals, and see this superbly hot and sexy stud as he gets to have his first every BDSM scene and sexual treatment. He always wanted to try it and today was the big day. So watch him getting tightly secured to a chair, and see him taking a nice and big mouthful of cock as the two studs take turns to have their meats worked until they get hard. And then you get to see him taking a nice and hard double ass fucking as well as he moans in pleasure too!

straighthell-billy straighthell-bj

See this poor guy tied with rope and treated like trash!

StraightHell – John

For today’s straighthell update, John is back again in another follow up shoot of his BDSM fetish. And today he asked the guys to go extra hard on him. They took out their whips and stated flogging that ripped body of his. So enjoy hot John taking the punishment he asked for in this very awesome gallery of him. we hope to see you again soon, bye. But make sure that you don’t miss a single one of this superb and sexy images in this nice and hard style BDSM scene today everyone. Let’s see the show going down.


Like we said, this stud here named John has a fetish for getting his body punished nice and hard. And this other guy here was more than happy to oblige him. Watch him tying up John nicely and then see him pulling out his whip to start working that nice body. You get to see John moaning in pleasure as he gets to have his back and cute ass whipped today. And rest assured that the guy doing the whipping knew just how hard John likes to have his body punished too. Have fun with the update and see you soon!

Check out this stud getting a rough punishment!

Cum Bath

Straight hell is back this week with another sweet update. And for this one a university student is about to learn that breaking the windows in the school just for sports isn’t a very good idea. So today he got summoned to the principal’s office to get straightened out. And you just have to see the ass punishment he got, and at the end the guy shot his load all over his tight ass. Well anyway let’s watch the show getting down without any delay in this sexy and hot show today shall we everyone?

This guy is going to be taught how to enjoy BDSM today and as you will see, he gets tied up nicely with his hands behind his back. The bald due then starts to whip is cute and round ass, and then he puts all kinds of clippers on his body making him more and more turned on as it seems that the pain was actually turning him on today. Either way, sit back and watch him getting his nice and tight ass punished until he blows his nice and big load all over the place and have fun with it. We’ll see you next week!


See this ripped stud shooting cum all over the place!

Straight Hell – Anal Abuse

In this straight hell update, we have another guy taking a rough anal abuse. This ripped stud is Ryan and his two favorite things are as you may have guessed it, big cocks and BDSM. Hell why else would he be here right? So this guy was looking for some hard punishment and today he got it as the other two guys fucked him really thoroughly. Anyway let’s see this hot stud in action once more as you got to see another one of his scenes in the past as well. So let’s get started without further due shall we?


This blonde guy was ready to have his anal fun again and he had both of these guys having fun with him once more. You know that he doesn’t mind it as last time he just loved both of their cocks anyway. So watch him sucking and slurping on their dicks first and foremost to get them nice and hard, and then see him as he takes a superb and hard ass fucking from the nice and large cocks throughout the afternoon today. As per usual we are hoping that you loved it and we will be seeing you next week once more everyone.

Check out these ripped studs getting anally abused!

Brutal Punishment

Today , straighthell brings you some hard core punishment delivered to a naughty guy. He’s always getting into trouble and he has a thing for taking cocks in every hole to make up for his mistakes. So see him enjoy the brutal punishment the other men deliver on him as he gets his face fucked and his ass stretched by a big cock. Until next time see how this stud gets to pay for being naughty in this amazing and fresh scene today. We know you are eager to see it as well everyone so let’s see him in action.

He dared talk back to his masters and these two sure wanted to make an example out of him. First of all they get him naked and tie him up and they take turns to piss all over his face and body. Then they get into position for the real lesson and you can watch him getting double teamed by these two guys in the amazing and hot scene today. So sit back and watch him taking a nice and hard style ass and throat fucking today and enjoy it. We will see you soon with some more stuff as always.


Check out this hot stud getting his tight holes destroyed!

StraightHell – Nicholas

Today’s straighthell update features Nicholas. He’s a college grad jock with a passion for BDSM and big cocks. And for today we were here to satisfy his need of some hard core punishment and fucking. So enjoy his ass getting plowed while he’s giving a great blow job to the other guy. Nicholas said he enjoyed this whole double penetration experience. Anyway, we bet that you want to see this guy in action today with his simply hot and superb scene so let’s not delay any longer and see this show going down.


As the new and fresh week started we couldn’t pass the chance to bring you this nice stud and his hard core fuck scene. He had two older males taking care of him and they would make sure to train him nicely for his future fuck scenes. Sit back and watch him as he gets to take a nice and hard cock in his ass from behind, and see him sucking the other dude’s cock at the same time as well. Watch them as they also switch taking turns to fuck his ass and enjoy this fresh and hot gallery today!

Check out Nicholas getting her tight asshole destroyed!

Tied and Abused

Another week and yet another straighthell update just for your enjoyment. Today’s guy decided he wanted to try his hand and ass at some very hard core BDSM. And our guys couldn’t be more happy to oblige his request. So without further due, enjoy this horny guy get tied up and see him have his ass fingered while he’s giving some nice head. So without further due let’s just take the time to sit back and watch this stud in action as he gets that nice and round ass worked and his throat fucked.

No need to worry though as the two guys that he had around for today would do a amazing and hot job to fuck his tight and naughty ass for today as much as they could. and they also taught him how to give proper head. Sit back and watch him getting tied up like we said, and then see him getting a nice and big cock shoved in his eager mouth, while the other guy takes care of finger fucking his nice and sexy ass today. Have fun with his amazing and hot scene and see you guys next week for some more gay action!


Check out ripped Lee getting tied up and abused!

Straight Hell – Toby

For today’s straight hell update it’s another guy’s turn to take some ass punishment. His name is Toby and today you get to see his ass thoroughly fucked by a machine, while another guy has his cock in his mouth for the whole thing. So watch tight assed Toby take a anal fuck while giving a superb blowjob to his master. Until next time, enjoy and see this superb and sexy guy as he takes himself a nice and hard style fucking for this nice and sexy scene today. So let’s see him in action.

straight-hell-anal-destruction Toby here was in for the ride of his life today as we prepared a nice and big fucking machine to penetrate his ass while he would be busy giving a nice and long blowjob this afternoon. Sit back and watch that nice and round ass of his getting spanked nice and hard as well, and hear him as he moans in pleasure for this superb scene today and see his butt worked nice and hard by the machine mounted dildo. We will be seeing you guys next week once more with another fresh and hot scene to see as always.

See ripped Toby getting his tight butthole destroyed!

John’s punishment

Hey guys, straighthell here again and we’re back with more awesome dudes getting rough punishment. Today we have a very horny guy that’s into some hard BDSM punishment. And in this gallery he’s getting his ass plowed by a fucking machine that’s sure going to stretch his ass wide open. So enjoy John having his hole stretched to it’s limit. Enjoy this fresh update and see another sexy stud getting his nice and tight ass penetrated with a big hard dildo today. So let’s get started and see him in action without delay shall we?

You will get to enjoy this hot and horny stud as he gets some nice and hard anal style treatment today, and he adored every second of it in the end. Watch him  engaging in some nice and hot sexual action, and see him getting tied up nice and secure first of all. Then as he sits with his legs spread open, this other guy brings over a nice and big dildo and starts to fuck his nice ass with it. Enjoy seeing this stud moaning as the toy stretches his nice and tight ass today too. We’ll be seeing you guys soon once more with fresh scenes!


See this stud getting his asshole stretched to the limits!

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